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Tires & Wheels Services in Excelsior, MN

Does your vehicle in Excelsior require tire and wheel services?

Your car or truck must be properly maintained with quality tires, accurate wheel alignment, and repairs as needed to ensure safety and reliability. For comprehensive tire and wheel services that will keep your vehicle running smoothly, you can count on the professionals at our local auto repair shop in Excelsior.

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Gary’s First Class Car Care is here in Excelsior to provide you with a wide selection of top-tier tires and wheels from the leading brands at an affordable price. Our certified technicians will help you choose the right tires for your vehicle and your specific needs. Whether your car is brand new or a classic or vintage model, we can provide you with tire installation, balancing, and tire rotation to ensure your tires last longer and function better. 

Regular tire service is essential to maintain your vehicle and prolong the life of your tires, which is why our mechanics take an in-depth look at every aspect of your vehicle. With tire inspection, pressure checks, wheel alignment, and advice for adequate tire care practices, you can rest assured our team will allow you to enjoy your ride with optimal performance. Whether you have a flat tire or you need to have your wheels aligned, our team of mechanics in Excelsior will help get your vehicle in tip-top shape so you can get back on the road.

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We are ready to connect with you to ensure you get the highest level of tire and wheel services for your vehicle. Contact Gary’s First Class Car Care today for unrivaled tire and wheel services in the Excelsior area!

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